Introducing a new range!

Introducing a new range!

We are delighted to announce, we have introduced a new line to our ever expanding range of artificial plants!

Made in Europe, the product range includes semi artificial plants that have been designed to improve the aesthetics of your space. Featuring natural tree trunks decorated with artificial branches and leaves, the wood of the natural tree trunks have been treated to preserve their appearance.

Creative artificial plant design and installation can revolutionise the blandest of interiors and transform outside spaces too. Regardless of the season or the requirement, we can brand and style your space and bring it to life.

The range is suitable in large environments, from shopping centres and retail outlets, receptions and foyers, to outdoor installations, terraces and sun decks, we’re ready to revitalise your space with our new range.

It can also be used in smaller spaces like offices, hotels, gyms and spa’s where they will completely change the appearance of the space – first impressions are everything and we can create inviting, stylish and welcoming environments for your customers or that next big client.

Replica Landscapes product range is vast – our highly skilled and experienced team have installed our products all over the world for every conceivable type of business/client. To find out just how easy we can make things for you, why don’t you call us today and discuss with us your projects and together we will find the best solution to decorate your spaces.

And, for a limited time only, we’re offering 10% OFF the whole range!

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