Real or Fake?

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Real or Fake?

Artificial indoor plants from Replica Plants are high-quality products which look so lifelike you normally need to touch them, or inspect closely, to tell if they are real or not – we’re all guilty!

Both real and artificial indoor plants have a role to play, depending on where you want to put them and what you want them for. Why don’t you consult Replica Plants on what you would like, and we can deliver a CAD of our vision?


Artificial plants have a lot of obvious benefits including no maintenance, last for as long as you want them, and can sit even in the darkest corner of your office or home without needing watered. What’s more, where you may not be able to have the live plant you had your eye on because the location is too dark/light/cold/hot, your artificial plant can go anywhere and still look good.

So, if artificial plants look like the real thing, require little to no care and can be placed almost anywhere, why would you chose a live indoor plant?