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Introducing a new range!

We are delighted to announce, we have introduced a new line to our ever expanding range of artificial plants! Made in Europe, the product range includes semi artificial plants that have been designed to improve the aesthetics of your space. Featuring natural tree trunks decorated with

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Real or Fake?

Artificial indoor plants from Replica Plants are high-quality products which look so lifelike you normally need to touch them, or inspect closely, to tell if they are real or not - we’re all guilty! Both real and artificial indoor plants have a role to play, depending on where you

Artificial Geranium Hanging Basket

Planned, Prepped and ready for Spring

Transforming your space with a stylish new theme for spring is easier than you might think. Here is some inspiration from Replica Plants of how to create a series of striking looks in time for spring. Hanging Baskets Brighten up your pub, hotel, cafe, school or nursing homes with our range

Artificial Banana Palm 2.5m-banana-palm

Bringing the outside, in

It’s time to go green, and 2017 is all about bringing the outside, in. Embrace nature, whether it’s by adding plants into a room or by decorating with lively tropical prints. According to Digital Arts Online, 2017 will see a rise in manipulating the natural world