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Real or Fake?

Artificial indoor plants from Replica Plants are high-quality products which look so lifelike you normally need to touch them, or inspect closely, to tell if they are real or not - we’re all guilty! Both real and artificial indoor plants have a role to play, depending on where you

Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Hedge

Bespoke Artificial Hedges @ Village Hotel Club Newcastle

[caption id="attachment_45076" align="alignleft" width="300"] Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Hedge[/caption] Are you searching for bespoke artificial hedges for hotels? Replica Landscapes – one of the UK's leading manufacturers and installers of bespoke artificial hedges – provides the ultimate solution. Let's take a look at a recent case study to

Artificial Banana Palm 2.5m-banana-palm

Bringing the outside, in

It’s time to go green, and 2017 is all about bringing the outside, in. Embrace nature, whether it’s by adding plants into a room or by decorating with lively tropical prints. According to Digital Arts Online, 2017 will see a rise in manipulating the natural world

Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Pound Sign

Bespoke Artificial Boxwood Shapes

[caption id="attachment_7048" align="alignnone" width="225"] Bespoke Artificial Boxwood[/caption] Another great example that we have no limits here at replica plants - anything is possible with our artificial boxwood! This was a recent project that we completed for Newcastle Building Society. The customer wanted to add life into a