It was only after a trip to Kew Gardens last week that I realised how realistic and life like our palms trees are. My family were getting bored of me telling them on our walk how 

Palms and tropical plants can form such a great back drop if planted correctly or when planted on there own in a tall bold statement pot. Palms such as our artificial cycas palms as shown below add simple elegance and life into a peaceful hotel seating area.

Artificial Palm - Cycas in Planter
Artificial Palm – Cycas in Planter

Our larger artificial palms such as the Canaria Palm are a traditional beach side palm, with real husks and photographically reproduced fronds not only does it look, it feels real!

Artificial Palm - Canaria
Artificial Palm – Canaria

Other palms such as the banana have been a real favourite since launched in February, available in multiple sizes they look great planted together and in a corner area planted as 3 look very effective at different heights.

Not only do we have a range of standard “off the shelf” large and full size artificial palms we also have an in house team who can design and build bespoke..

Please click here to view our large  artificial palms page to see the huge range of palm trees we have. 

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