Artificial Living walls and Preserved Moss.

Artificial Living walls and Preserved Moss

The demand for our highly sought after Artificial Wall is forever increasing. Artificial Walls are essentially walls covered in Artificial plants, that can appear either inside or outside with minimal maintenance due to their robust nature.

Preserved Moss
Preserved Moss

Artificial Walls are trending in the world of interior design and are increasingly found in luxury boutiques, offices and high end restaurants. Business owners are starting to use Artificial Walls to create a decorative statement piece which offers a powerful visual draw to clients, customers and colleagues that is instagrammable like the installation of the spa reception at Redworth Hall Hotel – or the Artificial Living wall with our mixed foliage panels at Allards

To compliment this range, for 2018, we have launched a new Preserved Moss product that provides an innovative and sustainable green look, suitable for any interior design project. Our bespoke writing and signage on our Preserved Moss product can instantly bringing your brand to life like this –

Preserved Moss Full Wall
Preserved Moss Full Wall

Available in a variety of colours, this unique product can be designed to any specification whether it be wall mounting or shape. Incorporating Preserved Moss into an interior space creates an impressive visual aspect, helping you stand out from the crowd. 

For any business, it’s imperative that these types of Artificial Products are fireproof and we are delighted that our Preserved Moss and Artificial Wall are all fireproof certified and a certificate will be presented by a member of our team!

Preserved Moss
Preserved Moss

Artificial Walls and preserved moss both offer an impressive impact on areas while not taking up any floor space. 

In comparison to real living walls which are expensive to install, require heavy watering systems and require ongoing maintenance, our diverse range of Artificial Walls are extremely low maintenance – all they require is some dusting dependant on the area it is placed. If the products are placed outdoors, the UV resistant coating will ensure it does not fade meaning the Wall will give you enjoyment 365 days of the year!

These are our favourites 

Preserved Moss
Preserved Moss

Artificial Walls and Preserved Moss are specifically designed for each individual client needs. If you’re not sure how to incorporate them within your space, our highly trained team will advise you which product is best to use for the interiors or exteriors for your business.

For more information about us, our service, and how we can help you decide on which products will reflect your style and tastes, call us on 01661 871 481 or fill in our online form, and we’ll be in touch.


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