Why choose replica plants?

Choosing replica plants over living plants for your office or business doesn’t necessarily mean they are superior. In fact, both plants present many advantageous properties of their own. However, we have dedicated this blog post to replica plants and how they not only improve the aesthetics of an environment but … Continue reading “Why choose replica plants?”

Apartment in Monaco

Here is a Artificial Living Wall our team installed on a balcony of an apartment in Monaco where the customer didn’t like the look of the frosted glass divider. We also installed mix of Artificial plants planted low to make the most of the fantastic view of the Monaco Harbour. … Continue reading “Apartment in Monaco”

We’ve had a makeover.

Thanks to AW Media & Marketing, we’ve had a new eCommerce shop with lots of functionality. So pleased with the outcome and we’d love to here what you think! Check it out here: www.replicaplants.co.uk