Artificial Bay Balls in Bespoke Window Box

Autumn Planning!

Artificial Bay Balls in Bespoke Window Box
Artificial Bay Balls in Bespoke Window Box

It seems ridiculous to thinking about this but our extremely organised clients are starting to think out Autumn and the Winter. We are fitting lots of artificial topiary into window boxes and also supplying full window box troughs with planters.
With the blazing sun we have had and warm weather followed by non-stop rain and it still being relatively warm, the weeds are growing strong and have made window boxes that are hard to get to very messy and in some cases over grown.
We are massive fans of real plants where safe maintenance is possible ,but are always happy to offer our UV protected exterior grade plants as a really effective alternative.
Our buxus and bay foliage products are now a realistic cost effective way to decorate homes an the window sill and also add property security.
On the commercial side of the company we have many hotels asking for boxes to define their property and give a great look to their building. This of course means that they have the look of the classic window box,but there is no need to take watering cans through guest rooms or invest in costly watering systems.

Like every thing tastes and fashion change with the seasons,but we do find that classic looks on buildings still seem to be very popular. Things like lovely full UV protected lavender on a Mews house property or boxwood hedges or buxus balls are always being used and specified by designers.
We have a great range of window boxes and we are able to make different shapes and sizes for any balcony, recently having made 2m long x 20cm x 20cm troughs to sit on the London hotel window sill.This like most of our troughs if they are made for powder coated steel or fibreglass are made up here on Tyneside.
Around us we have a massive amount of fabricators with years of experience working with sheet steel and making moulds for fibreglass. They are from the days of measure twice and cut it once . For this reason we have designers returning to us time and time again.

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