Tasteful & Elegant. Build an inviting new world and wow your customers.

For ten years, Replica Landscapes have specialised in creative and professional design, creation and installation of artificial plants, trees and hedges.

We develop and plan groundbreaking projects worldwide and cover a wide range of cross-sector industries including corporate office spaces, retail, shopping centres, hotel and hospitality, airports and public transport.

Drawing upon our vast knowledge of the artificial plants industry, our goal is to create the ultimate stylish and adaptable experience.

From the technical to the creative, we will come up with an elegant concept, tailored solely to your property and your high standards.

We love new and exciting projects to get our teeth into. If you need to breathe new life into your workspace or want to inject some personality into your world for your customers, Replica Plants will have the solution.

Let’s get creative. Call us today for a free no obligation chat about your options.