New Product! Fireproof Preserved Moss

New for 2018!

We are delighted to be able to offer fireproof preserved moss to our range!

Preserved Moss

Artificial green walls, vertical walls or living walls (however you refer to them) are becoming a huge part in interior design. They are an incredible way to bring nature indoors without the hassle of maintenance.

Why and how to use preserved moss?

Apart from the obvious style and beauty the moss adds to any space there are many other benefits.

Preserved Moss

Increase in productivity being a big one for business’s! There are many studies thats show correlations between plants and productivity in the work place. One of the studies showed that people working in spaces with plants displayed more  innovative thinking and problem solved more efficiently.  A piece from New University of Technology Sydney (click here to view) showed substantially less stress in those working in areas again with plants! It’s a really interesting read on this and other benefiting features plants in the work space have.


 The moss also offers sound absorption, lowering voice frequency which can soften the acoustics of a space. Making the area feel more personal and soft.


Preserved Moss Wall

There is no need for maintenance with the preserved moss. Its does not attract dust or insects and certainly does not require watering or pruning as it does not grow!

Preserved Moss Full Wall
Preserved Moss Full Wall

The moss is 100% naturally preserved lichen, it is harvested without environmental impact and preserved with non toxic ingredients offering antimicrobial properties.

All in all preserved moss is a versatile, bold and impressive product. Used in a small frame or to cover a whole wall it offers incredible impact. Please get in touch with our experienced team who are happy to discuss any ideas or projects you may have. We offer bespoke signage and framing options and a worldwide installation service.

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Don’t just think Green – we have a whole rainbow of colours !

Preserved Moss
Preserved Moss

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