Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Office & Reception Planters takes your privacy very seriously. Any information passed to us will not be shared with a third party, the exception to this being your delivery details which must by necessity be passed on to our fulfillment agents, carriers or the Post Office.

Information Storage
We do not keep information about you other than for basic accounting purposed. Credit card details are kept by non-electronic means for a maximum period of three years (unless subject to a dispute, either with yourselves or the credit card company), after which time they are destroyed.

We do place cookies on your computer which feed back information about which pages you visited, the time and date of your visit, where you came from ie; the keywords you used and which search engine referred you to us, etc, but these cookies do not attempt to collect personal information about you such as your name or email address. Our cookies are there only to help us improve our website and your enjoyment of it.

We consider “spam” to be an unnecessary annoyance and we will not send you “Spam”. If you communicate with us we will not pass on or sell your email address, name or postal details to a third party for mailing purposes (or any other).

We cannot think of any reason why this should happen but, in the event of being compelled to do so by law, subject to a valid order from government or a law enforcement agency, we reserve (at our sole discretion) the right to release the whatever information that we hold on you.

We reserve the right to alter and update this policy from time to time, without notice.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about the way your information is being used.

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