Replica Boxwood Hedging

Artificial boxwood hedging is an extremely versatile product. We supply several grades of matting including UV and Inherently Flame Retardant. We offer a simple buy online service or our in house team with over 10 years of experience can offer a design build and installation service

The most common way to build an artificial hedge is to use a timber frame painted green and staple the panels on. Wire frames can also be used with zip ties to attach the panels. The wire frames are better for letting wind pass through – should this be an issue.

The artificial boxwood panels match up with some lovely pieces in the artificial topiary range, shapes like cones, spirals and balls.

We try to keep a constant large stock of all of our products including the matting to offer a fast turn around on order. Lead times on bespoke orders can vary but start from around 5 working days!

If you require any more information or wish to discuss a project please do give us a call on 01661 871 481.
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