Replica Tropical Plants

Welcome to our artificial tropical plants range, this range includes artificial palms, artificial bamboos and some very original artificial plants that are new to the UK artificial plant market. All of the artificial trees and plants unless specified are sold separately to the planters. We do offer a wide range of planters and can even make bespoke pots if required. Please click here to go to the planters range.

Replica plants offer a potting service (fixing the tree of your choice into one of the planters from our range). We use a specialist foam to hold the tree in place, this is then covered with a choice of either a natural moss or a stone/pebble topping that is set with resin.If you wish to discuss your potting requirements and prices please do get in touch. We are able to make the pots heavy where necessary and add handles or wheels.

Underplanting (green small plants around the base of the tree) is available on any of these trees using smaller silk plants. Send us a message when you order and we will do this for you at a charge of £25.00 per tree.

Please contact us for a chat about your requirements, email or call us on 01661 871 481

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