Full Size Replica Trees

The full size tree range is larger then most of our standard range starting at around 2.5m, the trees are constructed on a mix of real wood and synthetic stems.

The trees are built in sections and simple to build on both the real wood and synthetic stems. The trees come in either a square stabilising base or on a base plate.

Most of the trees can be made in bespoke sizes should you require a size not shown please d get in touch with our team and they will be happy to help!

We do offer an installation service if required. Also the trees can be delivered in a planter of your choice, ready to display!

Please contact us for a chat about your requirements, email sales@replicaplants.co.uk or call 01661 871 481

Prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax and Carriage.

5m Artificial Ficus Tree Green IFR

Artificial Ficus Tree Green IFR

5m  – £1700.00 – Buy Now

6m – £2050.00 – Buy Now

Artificial Olive Canopy Tree
Artificial Olive Canopy Tree185cm H X 125cm W£515.00 – Buy Now240cm H X 220cm W

£955.00 – BuyNow

Artificial Olive Tree

Artificial Olive Tree


UV Foliage 3m Height

£600 – Buy Now


Artificial Maple IFR 5m

Artificial Maple IFR

2.5m – £800.00 Buy Now

3m – £960.00 Buy Now

4m – £ 1400.00 Buy Now

5m – £1860.00 Buy Now

An new Addition to our range starting at 3.5m - 6.2m! Artificial Oak Tree

Artificial Oak Tree

3.5m H X 3m W – £3100.00  due soon

4.9m H X 3.5m W £5000.00  Buy Now

6.2m H X 5m W £7750.00  Buy Now

(10-15 day lead time on this product,

please call if you require urgent delivery)

Artificial Majesty Palm

Artificial Majesty Palm

2.5m  – £575.00 Buy Now

3.2m – £775.00 Buy Now


Artificial Ficus Exotica Gigantea Twist 350 cm Green

Artificial Ficus Twist Exotica Tree

320cm H – £1160.00

Buy Now


Artificial Ficus Exotica Root 300 cm Green

Artificial Ficus Root Exotica Tree

300cm H X 200cm W – £2780.00

Buy Now

Ficus ExoticaGigantea 320 cm Green 1049033

Artificial Ficus Exotica Tree

350cm H – £975.00

Buy Now

Artificial Olive Tree

Artificial Olive Tree

270cm H X 210cm W – £1475.00

Buy Now

Artificial Olive Ball Tree Large

Artificial Olive Ball Tree Large

170cmH X 100cm W – £375.00

Buy Now

210cm H X 150cm W – £525.00

Buy Now

Artificial Giant Olive Tree

Artificial Giant Olive Tree

350H X 300cm W – £4385.00

Buy Now

430cmH X 480cm W – £7250.00

Buy Now

Bamboo Giant Bamboo

Bamboo Giant Bamboo

3m  – £275.00 Buy Now

2.7m  – £185.00 Buy Now

2.4m – £160  Buy Now

Giant Bamboo on Base Plate

Giant Artificial Bamboo 3.8m+

3.8m X 1.5m W – £950.00 Buy Now

5.1m X 2m – £1350.00 Buy Now

Spread Giant Artificial Bamboo Giant Artificial Spread Bamboo

4m  – £1800.00 Buy Now

7m  – £2600.00 Buy Now

Artificial Birch Tree 300cmArtificial Birch Tree

3m – £800.00 Buy Now

Artificial Ficus Canopy Liana Full SizeArtificial Ficus Canopy Tree on Liana Stem

3.2m H X4.5m W- £2500.00

Waiting on stock

Artificial Camelia Tree Artificial Camelia Tree

3m H X 210cm W  – £1005.00 Buy Now

Artificial Spruce FernSpruce

3m H X 80cm W  – £462.00 Buy Now

Artificial Orange Tree

Artificial Orange Tree

210cm H X 150cm W

£415 Buy Now

 Artificial Orange Tree 280cm

Artificial Orange Tree 280cm

280cm H X180cm W

£885.00 Buy Now

 Artificial Banana Palm 3.5m

Artificial Banana Palm

3m H   – £370.00 Buy Now

Artificial Cherry Tree 2.4m

Artificial Cherry Tree 2.4m 

2.4m H   – £1300.00 Buy Now

Artificial Cherry Tree 160cm

Artificial Cherry Tree 160cm 

1.6m H   – £250.00 Buy Now


Prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax and Carriage

Carriage / Shipping

UK Mainland orders for artificial trees are sent by overnight carrier at a cost of £14.00 ex VAT. Carriage is free on UK Mainland orders over £450.00 in value unless ceramic pots are specified*

*Please note that all artificial tree displays in real ceramic planters are palletised and the cost of this is £65.00 per pallet – please ask us to quote.

Orders for Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Scottish Islands please add £25.00 per tree.

Orders for the Channel Islands, Europe and USA – please ask us to quote.