Sustainability – Artificial Olive Trees

Bespoke Artificial Olive Tree

As the world of artificial trees evolves we are always keen to keep an eye on how we source our products.
Many of our trees are made from real timber trunks and it is important to know where the timber comes from and is it being harvested responsibly.
We make fabulous full-size artificial olive trees using real olive trunks. These trunks are often over 300 years old. When we are offered them we needed to find a way to check and see where these trees came from, as we are worried that such important pieces of history should be replaced.
Doing our due diligence on the product we went to Malaga in Spain to the nursery where these trees were harvested. Here we found out that it is actually illegal to pull out or cut down an olive tree unless it is DEFRA approved. The trees we use are all DEFRA approved.
Olive farmers have trees that have stopped producing fruit or are a species that are deceased and they needed to be removed. This gave them a fresh revenue stream to a product that would in the past just be burnt.
The olive trees we take are all replaced with new trees.
When you think that olive trees often do not start producing fruit for between 50 and 100 years it is a huge investment for the generations to come and the environment.
So the trunks we get are able to offer people pleasure still instead of being used as firewood as they were a few years ago.

This is a fine example of a 300-year-old trunk dried and foliated with artificial Olive – ready to go!

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